Have a sunny weekend!

Hello everyone. I apologize for missing last week's post—we were travelling and I wasn't prepared well enough and just forgot! We spent a day in Copenhagen, which is just a beautiful city—there's so much emphasis laid on design and aesthetics. Every single plate of food set in front of us was carefully finished, without being in any way contrived or overdone. It was a beautiful—though quite expensive—experience, and a wonderful short break for F and I to recharge.

So in time for this weekend, here's some interesting things from around the Internet:

/ Axa Shareen is a female Muslim tattoo artist who lives and works in London. Her work draws so beautifully on her Pakistani heritage, influenced by Islamic art and geometric patterns.

/ "Walk toward the good in life and one day you will arrive." Beautiful.

/ DIY lavender body oil—and citrus bath salts. A great quick project for a summer weekend, to store away for cooler weather.

/ I've had my eyes on a pair of Lika Mimika espadrilles for a while now. Isn't this pair stunning?

/ Simple to prepare, complex in flavour—an easy cake recipe for all those summer strawberries.

Enjoy the sunshine and have a relaxing weekend!


Image: Vatsala Murthy

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