Herbs on the table




Having a balcony is a new luxury that won't ever feel like something to take for granted. It's such a beautiful extension of the home and makes such a difference here in summer. My mother's been visiting the past week and loves spending time just sitting outdoors and it's a treat to watch her with her sunglasses on and an afternoon beer in her hand, just taking it all in. Another wonderful part about this space is that we now have a herb garden - and it's a real joy watching these tiny plants grow and flourish. Looking at them today, after a rain shower, I was struck by how beautiful the leaves, structure and texture of each is. Our coriander just started blooming - and the flowers are delicate and so lovely - I've never seen this before! It inspired me to cut off a few stems and arrange them around in a glass. The great part is I don't have to throw them away when they start wilting, I can most likely just use them in a dish! The smell is divine as well and gently rubbing the leaves perfumes the table beautifully. Loving this new multi-sensory arrangement. 


Images: Vatsala Murthy

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