In Conversation: Eva Kim

In Conversation is a new series of talks with women we find fascinating: We want to hear their take on business, femininity & feminism, fashion, body image and the things that move them.


Eva Kim, who goes by the nickname Kim, creates beautifully poetic pieces from clay under her brand kimceramics. Her glazes are reminiscent of watercolours, and she shares the joys of the unpredictability of working with colour and heat through her Instagram posts. She invited us to her brand-new studio where she’s busy dreaming up an online store for her creations.


We chatted about a variety of subjects, here are Kim's thoughts:


On femininity:

“I used to be a tomboy when I was younger. I think I was rebelling against my father, who insisted I wear dresses and other ‘girly’ things growing up. I wear dresses now, though. I’ve grown into my own definition of feminine over the years.”



On style:

“I think it takes a while to find your style. I’ve started experimenting more as I’ve grown older, you definitely have to have confidence for that, everyone seems to have an opinion on what you’re wearing and how you look.

I’ve started paying lots of attention to fabrics and materials, I really like linens and cottons that are easy to move in, and that breathe well. I like pieces that are functional yet elegant, clean silhouettes that you can slip on and just look great in. Pieces that don’t need ironing get bonus points!”



On setting up her studio:

“I started the usual way, making ceramics just for myself and then falling in love with clay.

It’s more important for me to understand the material than make lots of business-related plans. I feel there’s so much emphasis laid on results, how to commercialise things.

I’ve come to value doing things the other way around: to come at it as a process, where my body, spirit and other aspects of myself come together to really understand this material and grow from there. It’s more a process of letting go than actively forcing an application of what we’ve learnt. Our knowledge grows and deepens in those moments where we’re resting. We need stillness to let go and allow creativity to come through.



On considered design:

“I try to combine function, form and aesthetic in my pieces. When I’m making a plate, for example, I do think about all the different ways it will be handled. I worked in gastronomy for a long time, and so I consider how a chef can easily plate a dish on it, how adding a rim means you can add more sauce. It’s also much easier to transport to a table than something completely flat—and much easier to eat off, you don’t have to worry about pushing things off the plate.”



Browse Kim's beautiful pieces via her Instagram profile and stay tuned for her upcoming online store.


Eva Kim kim ceramics Frankfurt selection of products from online store Indian Goods Co.


Text: Vatsala Murthy, Images: Anna-Lena Günther for Indian Goods Co.

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