In Conversation: KeHa Sun & Ms. Romanow

In Conversation is a new series of talks with women we find fascinating: We want to hear their take on business, femininity & feminism, fashion, body image and the things that move them.


DJ duo KeHa Sun and Ms. Romanow don’t like being categorised by genre. “We want every gig to be amazing, with you having a really great time”, they say. They’ve created music for experiences as diverse as art exhibitions and experimental dining concepts, and have played at some of the coolest feel-good locations in Frankfurt.


Here, they share their thoughts with us:


On being best friends and working buddies:

“It’s a win-win situation! We’re very open and honest with one another, so even if we do disagree once in a while, we take the time to discuss things and always come to a common solution. This usually results in very creative ideas that probably wouldn’t have come to life otherwise. Each of us has different strengths and so we complement each other perfectly.”


On style:

 “This is an interesting one: We find our perspectives keep re-defining themselves over time. We tend to have different perspectives when it comes to music and fashion and this, in turn, is wonderfully complementary.

KeHa Sun: “Whilst Ms. Romanow loves playing clean super-minimal 124-bmp sets, I’m into mixing original tracks and samples, combining different genres like house and hip hop, or jazz and techno, and playing around with tempo.”

Ms. Romanow: “When it comes to fashion though, it’s almost the other way around: I love colour and flash, fancy high heels and a touch of extravagance. My style is definitely an expression of my personality, as it is with KeHa Sun too, just in a different manner. She likes dark colours and layering them together—a great complement to her blond hair—and is happiest walking around barefoot. What we have in common, though, is that we both love a dramatic red lip.”



On femininity:

“To us, femininity means living life with confidence, and not letting anyone dictate how you should be or what you can achieve. Especially when it comes to business: we really don’t like women being expected to act like men in order to be successful. From our point of view, femininity has so many strengths like empathy and emotional intelligence, which are so valuable, especially in management positions.”



On being women in the DJ world:

“As in other spaces, this comes with its advantages and disadvantages. On the whole, being a female DJ duo has worked well for us—our focus is making great music and doing good work, we don’t to be reduced to our ‘femaleness’. Paying attention to our craft and keeping our finger on the pulse has brought us a long way in a very short time. We have great business partners who appreciate and encourage and recommend us, which is amazing.

There are other DJs with whom things are less cooperative, funnily enough most are male. What exactly the reason behind this is—envy? jealousy? gender issues?—we don’t really know. But we don't let that bother us, we’re happy to be doing our thing with the many highly professional DJs, musicians and promoters who enjoy working with us.”



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Photographs courtesy Anna-Lena Günther




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