In Conversation: Rachel Dodoo-Mehl

In Conversation is a new series of talks with women we find fascinating: We want to hear their take on business, femininity & feminism, fashion, body image and the things that move them.


Rachel Dodoo-Mehl wanted to introduce Frankfurt to an element of Sydney chic, and her gelateria Antipodean is certainly one of the most beautiful spots you can queue for ice cream. Regulars know to get there on time to taste Rachel’s fabulous offerings, made in-store using carefully selected ingredients.

portrait of Rachel Dodoo-Mehl in her ice cream shop Antipodean against a big sign of the logo


Rachel was kind enough to share with us her thoughts:


On being a business owner:

 “I’m so proud about how we’ve brought our vision to life! It turned out even better than we imagined, actually. The whole design process was a lot of fun, I love collaborating with creative people to create something from scratch, it's very satisfying.”


On the challenges of setting up a business:

“Finding a store with the right size, location and price in Frankfurt was pretty hard! It took us two years and we eventually compromised with the location. Our builders were also not great but that's a whole other story, for another time.”


Close up portrait of Rachel Dodoo-Mehl in her ice cream shop Antipodean against a white wall with shelves


On style:

“I like oversized clothing, clashing colours and patterns, I also like layering a lot. For this reason winter is my ultimate season!”


On her stunning hair:

 “I have a nice mix of my father’s tight Ghanaian wave and my mother’s unruly Scottish/English frizz, so I’m blessed with a lot of options when it comes to styles. Having said that, I’m the laziest and usually stick to doing a twist out once a week, which then has different look stages.”


Close up portrait of Rachel Dodoo-Mehl's face with curly hair against a white wall


On femininity:

“Femininity is definitely a concept I’ve struggled with, even in childhood: When I was younger I was always the tallest kid and great at sports, which in 90’s-early 2000’s-white-Aussie-suburbia wasn’t considered ‘school-yard feminine’. 

Now that I’m older and wiser, I realise it’s a spectrum and there’s no standard.  I still don’t know exactly what my personal definition is or if it even matters, but I know I feel the best about myself, as a woman, when I act and dress for myself without worrying about how it will be received by others. I guess for me, femininity and total self confidence go hand in hand.”


artistic portrait of a smiling young mixed Black woman reflected in gold lettering with greenery in background


Visit Antipodean to get a taste of Rachel’s creations and follow their adventures on Instagram.

Photographs courtesy Anna-Lena Günther




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