In Conversation: Sara Ellinger

In Conversation is a new series of talks with women we find fascinating: We want to hear their take on business, femininity & feminism, fashion, body image and the things that move them.


Sara Ellinger is a graphic designer and mother of two little girls, Tilda and Java. She shares a beautifully designed apartment with her husband, his son and an adorable black poodle.

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Here, Sara shares her thoughts with us:


On fashion:

"For me, fashion is about each situation I find myself in, and keeps changing through the day: it starts with sweatpants on the couch and ends with a dress at an event. Depending on the what's going on, my outfit can either reflect my emotional world or act like armour. It’s important that what I'm wearing feels natural to me, rather than just wearing what's trendy..."


On femininity:

"Femininity is a wonderful bundle of contradictions. Emotional and thoughtful. Resilient and sensitive. Hard and soft. Confident, and yet self-critical. Warm and sometimes hard. Being a team player, but also independent and entrepreneurial. The list goes on… Femininity is complex and that is an advantage."


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On feminism:

"Feminism is one of the most sensible movements to have started and was completely necessary to break up traditional perceptions of gender roles. I identify better with more modern forms, because, for me, feminism isn't a purely female issue. It is a resistance to unequal treatment, coercion and exploitation."



On talking style with her daughters:

"Show your personality. Gain confidence. Try to be yourself, be respectful of others. Achieve your dreams—this is where your style comes from. And only then do you choose your fashion."


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Follow Sara on her fashion and family adventures.


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Text: Vatsala Murthy, Images: Anna-Lena Günther for Indian Goods Co.

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