Friday Inspiration

Five things from the week that made me think, laugh or look:

1. This beautiful flower arrangement and the short essay on beauty and how norms for what becomes acceptable and readily available get set by industry.

2. This name badge made me laugh. So apt!

3. I was at a very inspirational event yesterday aptly called Inspired by*: six very varied and unique individuals took to the stage to chat about how they follow and fulfil their creative visions. It was also interesting to hear how they walk the fine line between pursuing their craft and becoming commercial and mainstream. Very interesting lineup and an evening that re-affirmed how quickly one can get caught up in the mundane and humdrum, how we really need to set those big cry goals to give us focus and direction. (By the way, we interviewed one of the amazing organisers here!)

4. This beautiful article about making a wishlist now: so that rather than regret, you can take action toward your dreams.

5. Love this minimalist illustration of Bollywood superstar Rekha by Indian illustrator Sweta Malhotra

Have a wonderful weekend!

Image above from the amazing Taxi Fabric project


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