Meet the Model: Beatriz Monteiro

Beatriz Monteiro is a German-Brazilian stylist who confesses to being fascinated by the world of fashion, hair and makeup since she was a little girl. Born in Sao Paulo she's lived in Frankfurt, Germany for the last 27 years. Bea is a multi-creative: her interest in vintage shops, flea markets and creative young labels led her to launch her personal stylist consultancy. Her emphasis is sustainability and quality, as well as connecting people to their own innate sense of style. You'll also find her spinning dance tunes at small Frankfurt clubs like Silbergold on occasional weekends: say hello to Bea! 

Pink checks printed silk shirt

Hi Bea, tell us where you're from!
I'm a German-Brazilian, born in Sao Paulo, Brazil. I moved to Frankfurt, Germany 27 years ago.

Use one word to describe how you view yourself

Colour-block Eucalyptus fibre shift dress 

What always makes you laugh?
My Brazilian father speaking German: there's often something very funny about it.

Do you have a favourite childhood memory you’d like to share?
The very first time I went to the cinema (to watch The Never-ending Story): the film and soundtrack moved me so much that I sat in the car and cried for a long time after watching it.

What helps you stay positive when things get hard?
Going to my favourite clubs and dancing the night away.

Do you have a favourite ritual
A great cup of coffee in my favourite cafe.

Artisanal stripe silk top

Are you a morning or an evening person? 
An evening person—actually, I'm a night owl!

A track you’re currently listening to a lot…
Metronomy - Walking in the Dark.

If you had one hour more per day, what would you do with it?
I would learn to play the drums.

A life hack you don’t ever want to live without…
Treating a bad mood with a good Spotify playlist, fresh flowers and an appointment with the hairdresser!

Eucalyptus fibre top


Thank you Bea! 

Stay in touch with her here: 
Instagram: come.on.closet · / Facebook: Come on Closet · Beatris / Soundcloud / Stylist website

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