Meet the Models: Rachel Dodoo-Mehl

Rachel Dodoo-Mehl is currently quite a popular face in Frankfurt. Her recently launched gelateria Antipodean (quite easily the most beautiful ice cream store I've ever seen!) has been featured on TV, in magazines and online — all for good reason. Rachel makes each of their delicious, unusual flavours from scratch, with very careful consideration regarding ingredients, quality and flavour pairing. She's a native Australian with a sunny manner and a wonderful smile, and I'm excited for you to meet her.

closeup of Rachel Dodoo-Mehl, owner of Antipodean Gelateria in Frankfurt wearing a zero-waste sari string necklace by House of Wandering SilkVintage silk covered Jhumka necklace in rust

/ Hi Rachel, could you tell us a bit about yourself?
I’m Rachel!  I’m from Sydney, Australia, and have lived here in Frankfurt for the past 7 years.  I recently opened up a Gelateria (like ice cream!) in the Nordend and am really looking forward to our first full summer season in Frankfurt next year!

/ What's the one word you'd use to describe yourself?
Honest. I don’t like to beat around the bush. Of course I practice considered, well-worded honesty when there are feelings on the line, but I don’t have the patience to not be direct. My family back home would agree that this trait has become stronger since I moved here, which I find pretty funny.

closeup of Rachel Dodoo-Mehl, owner of Antipodean Gelateria in Frankfurt wearing a zero-waste scarf made of vintage silk with kantha embroidery by House of Wandering SilkEmbroidered vintage silk scarf

/ What always makes you laugh?
Absurd situations and bone dry humour.  I think British humour might be my favourite. 

/ Do you have a favourite childhood memory you’d like to share?
Waking up on a Saturday morning to the smell of freshly cut grass! My mum always mowed the lawn on a Saturday. That smell always meant the weather was sunny and I had a full day of outdoor fun to look forward to. I was very fortunate to have a childhood filled with so much outdoor play.

/ What helps you stay positive when things get hard?
Sometimes I give myself little internal pep talks. If that doesn’t work I usually try to step outside of my situation for a moment and attempt a change of perspective. Taking a step back and looking at an issue from the outside or through the eyes of another can minimise the size of a problem and help give ideas on how to manage it. 

/ Do you have a favourite ritual that’s just for you?
Well, it’s not just for me but every morning my husband and I go downstairs to our favourite coffee place (The Espresso Bar) and get our usual order.  It signifies the start to our day and it feels weird if we don’t do it now.

Rachel Dodoo-Mehl, owner of Antipodean Gelateria in Frankfurt wearing a short necklace with a geometric pendant handmade from gold-plated brass  looking to the left and smilingGeometric pendant necklace

/ Are you a morning or an evening person?
Sadly neither! I thrive at midday, hah. I would love to become a morning person someday.

/ A music track you’re currently listening to a lot is…
Ainslie Wills – Mountains. And Ngaiire – Shiver.  I dip in and out of genres throughout the year, and at the moment I’m loving Aussie indie/folk/pop.

/ If you had one hour more per day, what would you do with it?
Sleep. Or lounge. Definitely something that involves wearing pyjama pants.

/ A life hack you don’t want to ever live without…
Clean the things that clean your things! 

Rachel Dodoo-Mehl, owner of Antipodean Gelateria in Frankfurt modelling a bright yellow glass and brass bead necklace made by House of Wandering SilkGlass and brass bead necklace

Selection of jewellery and accessories from Indian GOods Co current collection modelled by Rachel Dodoo-Mehl, owner of Antipodean Gelateria in Frankfurt


Thank you so much Rachel—here's wishing you an amazing first summer with Antipodean!


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