Mothers Day Gift Guide

Here are a few ideas for Mothers Day gifts that we hope are thoughtful and meaningful. 

Delicate and stylish, these gold hoops, 65€, hand-crafted by master craftsmen make a great accessory.


Based on Ayurvedic formulae and enriched with essential oils, each of these handmade soaps, 6€, smells divine and is great for the skin (available in 7 varieties)


This handmade cup, 25€, has a gentle dent that makes it perfect for cupping — just the thing for her favourite drink. 


 For moments when she's craving something sweet, one of these hand-crafted bars, 7€, made with cane sugar and intriguing ingredients is sure to hit the right spot. 

If you're looking for something to make yourself, how about this turmeric-cardamom-scented granola?

Happy celebrating!

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