#naturalbeauty 2 : Nora von Kalkreuth & Rabea Schif

For the second edition of our #naturalbeauty series, we met up with close friends Nora von Kalckreuth and Rabea Schif one overcast Saturday, at the beautiful home Rabea shares with her husband David, in Frankfurt. It was an afternoon filled with laughter and that chill, relaxed vibe you get when people are really in sync with each other. These ladies are so lovely - inside and out - and it's something you feel instantly. We spoke with them about meeting a few years ago and instantly becoming fast friends and what it means to have a friend that's always got your back.

On becoming instant friends:

“We met a few years ago - Rabea’s husband David introduced us - and we connected straight off. After that meeting, we’d meet frequently with other friends, and always ended up spending the entire evening together, chattering away. We discovered a shared philosophy in how we approach life - we share the same values in so many aspects like empathy, spirituality, how we relate to other people. Another thing that bonds us is that we can both be pretty forgetful at times - and are sometimes overwhelmed by too much happening at once. We’ve come to realize that it happens because we’re both extremely sensitive people and that it's nature’s way of protecting us, since extremely sensitive people tend to experience everything in a more heightened, emotional way.”

On reminders to be present in the here and now:

Rabea: “Nora wanted to get a tattoo that would act as a gentle reminder to stay present and re-focus whenever necessary. So we did a lot of brainstorming, and the word ‘breathe’ came up, which seemed to perfectly encapsulate what she was looking for. The next step was how to represent the word - and after many attempts, we settled on a version I wrote by hand."

Nora: "It feel so special to have Rabea’s handwriting on my left wrist. It’s something very precious : a symbol of our bond and our shared philosophy that sometimes just breathing helps cut through the craziness."

On feeling like the other one just gets it!

“It doesn’t matter when we call each other, or how bad the day’s been, or how out of it one of us is feeling - the other is always there to listen, and more importantly, just gets it because she’s been there, either just now or a little while ago and just knows what it feels like. There’s no “Oh God, will she think I’m a … (insert some not so positive word here :)” because there’s so much empathy and understanding. We both know what its like to feel not on top of things, or that we’re messing things up. And its so great to hear that the other one knows exactly what that feels like!”

The ladies were lovely enough to take the time to answer our three questions, and here are their answers:


1. What gets you out of bed every morning?
Coffee!! Good coffee!

2. What makes you feel beautiful?
Enough sleep, yoga, inner peace and sun. Adding some mascara, concealer and blush. 

3. Why Indian Goods Co.?
Because of the perfect selection of beautiful Indian design products. With the Indian Goods Co. you get the whole story: You get to know the designers behind the products, Indian recipes and other insights, you can literally feel the Indian spirit.


1. What gets you out of bed every morning?
If it wasn’t for my alarm clock, I’d probably stay in bed all day!

2. What makes you feel beautiful?
A good long sleep, a suntan and great lighting.

3. Why Indian Goods Co.?
Because their products are beautiful, authentic and unique.

Our lovely afternoon unfortunately came to an end and we said bye - and a giant thank you for the great time, and the energy, honesty, smiles and positivity!

If you’d like to follow the ladies: here’s Nora's Instagram and Rabea’s Facebook and Instagram pages.

Nora wears the Gold Checks scarf and Rabea wears the Jhumka Necklace in red and the Wrapped Bangle Stack in midnight.

Photography courtesy Mylo F.


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