#naturalbeauty 1 : Romy Gaines

A few days ago, Jana and I met for our weekly jour fixe at the Italian restaurant around the corner from her apartment in Frankfurt to catch up and plan the upcoming week. One of the ideas we discussed was a series of interviews with creative, interesting women, which involved a portrait and three questions. We decided to call the series #naturalbeauty - and we got all excited about our idea. We’d barely finished writing it  down when a young lady walked by our table on her way outside. And when we left a couple of moments later to smoke a cigarette, we found her standing outside, checking her phone. Jana pulled me aside and whispered that she thought she recognized the girl as a singer that she’d seen perform at a club the previous week - and then in the wink of an eye, she went over and sweetly said hi. And that's how we met Romy Gaines.

What you notice first about Romy is her smile, which reflects in her eyes as well. She’s open, completely unaffected and a big fan of Eschersheim, a borough of Frankfurt where she grew up and still lives - one that hasn’t quite achieved hipster status yet. We explained the reason we were there and she whipped out her phone and looked through the shop and our Instagram feed and had very kind things to say. Jana promptly told her about the concept we’d just come up with and asked whether she’d like to be our first #naturalbeauty - to which she said yes! We couldn't believe our incredible luck.

We met Romy a few days later for a walk in the park around the corner from her flat. It was a mild winter's day, typically grey and overcast, but the air was fresh and we had the entire park to ourselves. We chatted about her daily schedule (she’s currently working on her debt album!) and her recording sessions in different cities, how she stays disciplined, the sound studio she assembled herself in her parents’ basement, how she writes, records and pre-produces each song and what life on the road in a tour bus is like. She was also kind enough to answer our three questions - read on for the answers. The following week, we caught her performance at OYE again - and we have a bonus video from her set at the end of our questions.

What gets you out of bed every morning?
Life. Black Coffee. Loud music.

What makes you feel beautiful?
Being good.

Why the Indian Goods Co.?
The uniqueness of each product... pure bliss. Indian Goods seems to be more of a life philosophy than a "shop 'till you drop" shop like the others.

Thank you so much for your time and energy Romy!

Follow Romy on Facebook and Instagram - and read this incredible interview (in German! But the Google translation is pretty good) in the Journal, where she was headlined their 'Top 30 under 30' article - whoop! And (if you happen to be in Frankfurt) drop by OYE for great (live) music, fantastic interiors and an amazing vibe. (This post isn't sponsored by OYE, we just really love it   there :)

Products from the shop that Romy's wearing: Kantha sari scarf, Waterstripes towel and the Jhumka necklace.

Watch Romy performing at OYE:



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