Pink as just another colour


There’s been so much talk recently about gender and roles and rights. About focusing more on us all being human and respecting that over everything else. Hopefully this is the start of a more egalitarian era where people look at each other in the eye rather than anywhere else, where roles are defined by what one enjoys doing rather than by gender.

Parallel to all this debate, an interesting phenomena is playing out over the Internet: the colour pink is entering our homes and our workspaces! In pale salmons, saturated candy tones, in rich magentas. On sofas, beds, walls and even floors. And it can have a surprisingly adult, neutral effect when combined with other neutrals, metallics and some green. It’s a nice step away from the association that pink is for little girls—which it could be, but who knows, maybe little boys would like it too if we didn’t mark it so firmly as girly and not masculine = bad!



I’m experimenting with hints of pink in my home too… one of my favourite pieces is this tea towel. Our rental kitchen is clean, modern and shiny, I’m trying to bring in some texture to add edge and contrast. What I love so much about this piece is that its minimal and modern, whilst still being completely functional and warm — the beautiful handwoven texture of the fabric and the incredible shade of pink on the edge really sets it apart. It’s great for all sorts of tasks: the fabric is super absorbent and dries really quickly, making it a wonderful kitchen helper. For anyone who chooses to step into the kitchen, gender irrespective.



Images: Vatsala Murthy

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