Reflection as celebration


Today is the first day of the last thirty of this year. This realisation yesterday made me feel a bit quieter and a bit more reflective. We tend to lay so much emphasis on the 1st of January, on the blank new slate that we apparently have. Intentions, resolutions and all sorts of plans are started off with that wonderful energy that new starts afford us. And as with all things, some of these stick, some fizzle out and some we just can’t keep up with and feel resentful about. In the midst of all this goal-setting and willpower-testing, life keeps happening.

It came to me today that December could be a sort of long drawn-out celebration. A slow review of all that happened in the last eleven months. I want to scroll through the photos on my phone, go through some emails I’ve saved, read through my journal and just generally spool through all that’s happened. It’s astonishing how quickly things fade - mostly because we’re always geared up for the next thing that we barely ever savour what we just experienced or achieved. Or weren’t able to achieve. Or really struggled through and therefore should celebrate even more.

So I’ll be making some lists over the next few days, looking through images and reflecting a lot. I think this is good ground for all the goals I already have for the next few months and to see if I need to re-evaluate any of them. I need to become more intimately acquainted with the me of December 2017 by re-visiting the me of January 2017.

What was the past year like for you? What are you most proud of? And joyful about? We have a little giveaway on our Instagram account: please post your thoughts for a chance to win a beautiful hand-embroidered Kantha scarf.

Have a beautiful weekend!



 Images: Vatsala Murthy

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