Second skin: Fabrics that are sustainable and long-lasting

At Indian Goods Co., our focus has always been on design that is long-lasting . Classic forms and materials that age beautifully mean clothing, jewellery and homewares that have a long lifespan, rather than beingjust a passing trend. We want you to keep using these products for years to come — and always with joy.


With our clothing collections, we lay a lot of emphasis on fabric. We believe a garment should be more than just beautiful to look at:  It should feel amazing on your skin, be comfortable to move in and also be kind to the environment.

All our garments are made from natural fibres and every designer we showcase lays careful emphasis on where their fabrics are sourced from. Here are a few details about each fabric we offer.



Cupro is a plant-based material made from cotton fibres that are usually discarded as waste. It is very soft and slinky, and you’re likely to mistake it for silk. Like cotton, it is breathable, making it great to wear. It is 100% natural, and therefore renewable and biodegradable.

Organic Cotton is grown from non-genetically modified seeds, without the use of chemicals or synthetic fertilisers. This ensures that growing it does not damage the quality of soil, as is the case with non-organic cotton farming.

Artisanal Cotton is handwoven by talented craftsmen using traditional wooden looms. The process is long, intensive and requires a lot of skill and the resulting fabric is thus a form of art. The texture of the fabric can vary depending on the technique used, and the region where the weaving is based.



Khadi is a fabric that is hand-woven from cotton fibres on a spinning wheel called the charkha. It is a versatile fabric, cool in summer and warm in winter. It has a beautifully, organic texture — a result of the handcrafted  technique behind it.

Mashru is a textile with origins in India’s Muslim communities, who believed that silk should not touch a person’s skin. Enterprising weavers mixed silk and cotton threads to create a textile that was simple cotton on one side and  rich silk on the other. Today, very few communities still produce mashru by hand, given the complex and laborious process involved. 

Artisanal Silk is woven by hand, using traditional looms. The texture varies widely, from fine and light fabrics to heavier and stiffer varities. Very versatile, it is a fabric that regulates based on the season.

Wood based fibres extracted from responsibly managed Eucalyptus forests are used to create a fabric that is silky and soft, and can be mistaken for high-quality cotton. It is created using a pioneering system, and manufacturing is located very close to the  source of the fibres, reducing transport and other potential environmental polluters.



We believe in offering sustainable products that give discerning customers a chance to choose better — and as always, to make choices that bring joy.



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