Summer styles for vacationing at home

This summer will be different from those past. We'll probably be spending more time in and around our homes in the city, rather than at exotic far-away locales. That doesn’t mean we have to forgo the joy of escaping into nature and enjoying the warmth and sunshine amidst beautiful landscapes.

female model wearing red white striped cotton top with a green background and hand raised to shield from the sun




So often we forget that where we seek to escape from, come holiday season, is where others journey long distances to see. Why not make a season of exploring the region around you and falling in love with it anew?




Pack a picnic basket, grab a blanket and get creative. Seek out new spots you haven’t discovered yet: Go to the further corners of a familiar park, ask long-time residents for their favourite spots and try being as adventurous as you can. Your reward will be that wonderful feeling of having been on holiday, of experiencing something brand new. In the process, you also get to re-discover new parts of yourself.





If you're in the mood to explore, these images were shot in Enkheim, the Schwanheimer Dünen and the Ostend Hafen, all in and around Frankfurt.



Photography courtesy Anna-Lena Günther & Sonja Schwarz




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