Press pause: tableware that makes mealtimes count


Eating is something we do on such a regular basis and is an activity that can have so many different connotations. We use food to soothe, to reward, to punish, to stimulate, to socialise and to woo—both ourselves and others. At the base of it all, we eat to live; for  the nourishment and for sustenance our bodies need for survival.  But the hows and whats and whys of our meals have come a long way from just giving us the energy to get through another day. The politics of the content of our plates mean that we’re often judged—or judging—based on what we lay on the conveyor belt in the supermarket. Or do you now only shop at your local farmers market? Vegan, vegetarian, with or without grains, sugar, dairy: our choices are becoming more and more of a statement of who we are, just as defining as what we wear and where we live.


indiangoodsco_blog_stories_living_tableware_11Above: Yellow Colour Block Napkin, Drop Platter

So eating isn't just a pragmatic progress of fuelling our bodies and minds. And yet we don’t always take the time to celebrate this everyday process . There are plenty of quiet ways to do this, to acknowledge that, ultimately, food is celebration: one we can choose to have alone, whether at home on the couch or at a restaurant—or with others. Taking the time to make small tweaks can have a surprisingly large impact and create a wonderful sense of abundance and ease. Take breakfast, for example: imagine setting aside ten minutes on a work day to toast some bread, fry an egg and eat this sitting down, listening to music. Or buying some great croissants on Saturday and then spending Sunday morning in bed, with one (or more!) freshly warmed in the oven, accompanied by a favourite hot beverage and a book or Netflix. Serving dinner nicely plated vs plopping pans down on the table. Taking the time to light a candle, open some wine, make some croutons. Nice cutlery, beautiful linens, pretty plates, some nice glasses: these are the little details that are game changers. They don't have to be fancy or expensive: buy a half metre of linen from your local haberdashery and cut it up to make lovely napkins. Scout around at flea markets for beautiful old cutlery and crockery. Ask your parents—or just raid their cellar. Then cook something nice and invite someone special to share it with you: lay the table, light some candles and sit back and watch the look on their face. That, alone, will be worth the effort.


indiangoodsco_blog_stories_living_tableware_8Jaali Napkins in Red and BlackGreen Marble Thali 

Browse through our tableware collection for beautiful, timeless and functional pieces that elevate every meal. Made from handwoven linens, sustainably sourced wood or handcrafted marble and slate, you’ll treasure these for years to come. 


indiangoodsco_blog_stories_living_tableware_9Colour Block Napkins in Green and Indigo, White Marble Parat


Images: Vatsala Murthy

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