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Five Books for the Holidays


In the upcoming holidays and the new year, I'm hoping to have some time to sit down and read. I have a whole pile of lovely books that I'd love to get through: some gifts from my best friend on my birthday and...

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Reflection as celebration


Today is the first day of the last thirty of this year. This realisation yesterday made me feel a bit quieter and a bit more reflective. We tend to lay so much emphasis on the 1st of January, on the blank new slate...

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Herbs on the table




Having a balcony is a new luxury that won't ever feel like something to take for granted. It's such a beautiful extension of the home and makes such a difference here in summer. My mother's been visiting the...

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Friday Link Pack N° 12



Hello everyone!

How was your week? And what do you have lined up for the weekend? We had some very cheering sunshine here, I did a little yoga and ayurveda workshops that friends organized and hung out a bit with my mum who's visiting. And this...

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