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Celebrate this weekend!

It's a sunny Friday—and I'm feeling all sorts of optimism for this weekend. We're going to an opening at one of our favourite galleries, I'm working all day Saturday (come say hi!) and we're picking cherries Sunday. What do you have lined up?


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Enjoy a relaxing weekend

Hello! This week has been pure, unabashed summer and I've loved walking out of the house without wondering which jacket matches... I'm looking forward to the Monday holiday, we're thinking of driving off to Weimar, where the Bauhaus museum is, which is special since...

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Warm weekend vibes coming your way!

Hello everyone, what have you got lined up this weekend? I hope you're taking advantage of the warmth—isn't is so nice to be out in a tee and not freezing? I'm in the store all Saturday and meeting lovely friends for dinner, which I'm really...

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Weekend reading list

Hello all! How was your week and what are your plans for the weekend? I've been arranging and re-arranging things in the shop and will be there Friday and Saturday, so stop by if you have...

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Time for the weekend!

Hello there — it has been such a whirlwind week, and in the nicest way: A project that I've been working on for a while now finally launched this week! Read more

It's the weekend!

We're on the way to Vienna as I write this, a quick weekend trip with my mum, that I'm combining with two shoots in beautiful homes that we'll be showcasing in the next couple of months. I'm looking forward to walking through the Naschmarkt,...

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Enjoy a relaxing weekend!

This week felt like a lot more than 5 days were packed into it—so much happened! We ate cake and beautifully presented Japanese food in celebration of F's birthday, I have some beautiful new products that I'm excited to be releasing—and a giant project...

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Enjoy the long weekend!

Hello there,
A looong weekend is about to start as I write this—and it looks like sunshine, flowers and relaxed family time, with a bit of work thrown in. There's a very exciting new project I'm working on, that will be ready to share soon...

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Weekend vibes coming your way

Hello everyone—are you winding down from the week or winding up for the weekend? My mother's visiting and we have both scheduled and spontaneous ideas lined up. She's enjoying taking long walks and I squeeze bits of work in when I can.

What's your...

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Sunny Weekend Vibes

Hello everyone! It's almost the weekend, and I hope its going to be a sunny one. Our balcony is slowly taking shape and since we're having house guests over Easter weekend and my mother shortly after, this is the last chance to get things...

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