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Friday Linkpack N°24


Hello everyone,

How was your week? This one felt like it flew by, I can’t believe it’s Friday already! (But I'm glad it is :) This is what sitting in an office for multiple days a week does to me, I...

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Friday Link Pack N° 21


Hi everyone!

How has the first week of this shiny new year been? And how did you ring the year in? We had a relaxed afternoon together on Sunday—shared pizza at our favourite place around the corner, finally watched Read more

Friday Link Pack N° 20


Hello everyone: it's happening! The end of a year full of SO many different emotions and experiences is drawing ever closer. I feel a little nervous about the upcoming newness, it feels like that time when everything is naive and fresh and full of possibility...

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Friday Link Pack N° 19


Hi everyone,

How’s the week been so far? I absolutely hope it wasn’t frantic and filled with endless to do lists. I finally made it to the Christmas market, a pretty unusual one on the top of a parking deck which means...

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Friday Link Pack N° 18


Hello everyone!

Didn’t this week just fly by? Am I the only one who realised halfway through that next weekend is Christmas? I’m still stuck in November — not sure why, but maybe it’s a phenomenon of having been away so long…...

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Friday Link Pack N° 17


Hello everyone! How's the week been so far? I think I'm mostly back in my groove and have had a pretty varied week so far. One highlight: I got to see the incredible Charlie Cunningham live in concert on Wednesday evening, which was...

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Friday Link Pack N° 16

Hello everyone - how has your week been?

This is the last week  where every day feeling like a Friday - in a few days it’s back to reality, which I’m now quite ready for. What are your plans for the...

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Friday Link Pack N° 13


 This week went by in a bit of a blur and somewhere in the middle summer bid a very quick adieu and autumn seems to have set in. Darker and colder mornings and evenings seem to be the norm already and its not so...

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Friday Link List °11

Hello everyone, how did your week go? Mine was a bit of a whirl - my mother arrived on Tuesday morning and everything feels the same but so different since. We've chatted, spent quiet moments, eaten and shopped together. Caught up on gossip and...

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