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#naturalbeauty N°8: Viola Beuscher


A few weeks ago, I discovered Viola Beuscher’s beautiful ceramic pieces on Instagram. She had a lovely reply to the message I sent her, and that led to us meeting in her light-filled kitchen a couple of days later. Viola is lovely...

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#naturalbeauty 7: Jennifer Sieglar


Jennifer Sieglar is a warm, bubbly and open person: so it should come as no surprise that she works as a TV reporter for not one but two shows. She’s a familiar presence on the children’s tv show logo! and the Hessenschau,...

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#naturalbeauty 6: Badia Ouahi

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Badia Ouahi is a powerhouse of energy. Always smiling and seemingly constantly on the go, she juggles multiples roles at once with an enviable ease. A self-confessed food aficionado, her adventures through the culinary world have brought her...

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#naturalbeauty 5: Louise Hildebrand

The thing you notice immediately about Louise is the warmth she exudes. She’s so lovely and chatty, laughs often and makes you feel at ease immediately. We met quite accidentally one evening at a bar; I was alone and she was there with a...

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#naturalbeauty 4: Annastasya Coulibaly

Annastasya Coulibaly has been one busy lady the past few years: after completing her degree in Psychology at the University of Heidelberg, she decided to follow her love for fashion and did two internships at ateliers specializing in couture in Frankfurt. She took the...

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#naturalbeauty 3 : Maike Thalmeier

Maike Thalmaier describes herself as a freelance concept developer, project manager, all-round creative, rescuer-of-the-world, agency founder - this is one smart lady who wears many hats at one time and, self-admittedly, sometimes has too many balls up in the air. When this happens, she...

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