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Quick & Easy Goats Cheese Puffs with Thyme and Honey

Here’s an extremely simple recipe that comes together very quickly. It’s also a crowd pleaser and can be so easily customised that you can keep repeating it and yet never get bored (I have some suggestions for combinations at the end). It’s great as an...

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Chunky Fig Chutney

A highlight of our recent holiday in the French countryside was the incredible produce: Every fruit and vegetable was bursting with flavour. I sliced open a fennel bulb and it perfumed the entire kitchen with its fresh scent!

The best thing,...

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Pumpkin Spinach Tarte

This recipe came together very quickly. I had guests coming over in the afternoon, and had forgotten to think about a light snack. It was noon-ish, but lunch wasn't in order; there was a nip in the air and a steady drizzle coming down. Summery...

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Chilli-Garlicky Spinach

Are there a few staples that you make sure never to run low on in your kitchen? The ones that you know yield gold in moments both easy and challenging: 8:15 Sunday evening, after an all-day train journey;  2:30 a.m....

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Turmeric Ginger Cordial

As you’ve probably heard or read, I recently became 1/3rd of a popup store here in Frankfurt called mer. It took about three months of planning—and painting—to create this space and one of...

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Zucchini Pancakes with Herbs and Feta

The inspiration for this recipe came from a pile of zucchini we had lying in our fridge. It’s one of those vegetables we buy on the repeat and I’m a fan—but  this week these particular zucchinis weren’t inspiring anything but dread that...

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Potato & Cauliflower Sheet Pan Biryani

indiangoodsco_blog_recipes_easy indian food_weeknight dinner_special rice dish_ biryani_cauliflower_potato_fragrant_simple_vegan_glutenfree_vegetarian_1

Biryani. The mere word is fragrant, delicate, delicious and laden with memories. It’s that special dish that gets hours of attention and drives you slightly out of your mind with its scents, so delicious that plates...

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