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Turmeric Ginger Cordial

As you’ve probably heard or read, I recently became 1/3rd of a popup store here in Frankfurt called mer. It took about three months of planning—and painting—to create this space and one of the...

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Zucchini Pancakes with Herbs and Feta

The inspiration for this recipe came from a pile of zucchini we had lying in our fridge. It’s one of those vegetables we buy on the repeat and I’m a fan—but  this week these particular zucchinis weren’t inspiring anything but dread that we’d...

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Potato & Cauliflower Sheet Pan Biryani

indiangoodsco_blog_recipes_easy indian food_weeknight dinner_special rice dish_ biryani_cauliflower_potato_fragrant_simple_vegan_glutenfree_vegetarian_1

Biryani. The mere word is fragrant, delicate, delicious and laden with memories. It’s that special dish that gets hours of attention and drives you slightly out of your mind with its scents, so delicious that plates empty...

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indian goods company shop blog recipes easy indian food pakoras batter-fried onions broccoli chickpea flower vegan recipe

Pakoras are India’s version of the Japanese tempura. A beloved street food snack, they’re usually eaten piping hot, spooned straight from the huge pan of...

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Moong Daal Khichdi


Khichdi (pronounced Khi-cha-ri) is one of those quintessential dishes one almost only eats at home. Every family probably has its own version of this dish and the differences can vary from tiny variations in spices to more fundamental ones about how many...

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Broccoli Hummus Breakfast Plate


This is a versatile and very easy dish, perfect those looking to eat low-carb and vegetarian. It’s packed with protein and fibre and can be easily adapted for different seasonal produce. At its base, it has pan-roasted vegetables (here, broccoli) set over a...

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Sunshine Citrus Lemonade


The very warm weather we’re currently experiencing has me panting a bit. But I’m not complaining at all: it’s wonderful to have such a long stretch of warm days and blue skies. It makes me think of India and summers there, and...

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