Three Easter Table Settings—from floral to bold

Even though the gatherings will be much smaller this Easter, it will be nice to celebrate this weekend—even if just to honour the fact that spring is here, after a long winter.

Here are three easy ideas to set a table for Easter breakfast or brunch. By keeping the flowers and other elements the same, we’re putting focus on the changing colours of each setting—see how adding just one new element can create a new mood.


We chose a colour palette of violet, peach, white and black. Our Easter bouquet has two varieties of tulips—one full, one more slender and elegant. We kept it simple with a few blooming branches and some white accents for texture. A white linen tablecloth creates a lovely base for the mixed cutlery and tableware and brings everything together well.

The stars of the table are the napkins: They're made from a fine cotton linen mix and are screen-printed with different motifs inspired by the tropics. They’re beautiful and versatile, and a great way to welcome spring.

/ 1 Floral

Our first look complements the purple of the tulips: The Lily Flower napkins are a beautiful violet, printed with yellow and white flowers. We used a very casual style—literally called the tossed napkin fold—to present the napkins them, which emphasises their beauty and feminine feel. 

Tossed napkin video tutorial · Shop Lily Flower napkins


/ 2 Bright

A punchy yellow transforms the table: These Yellow Weavers napkins are some of our favourites—those birds, that colour! Don't be afraid of adding one strong colour to an otherwise neutral table, it's the perfect way to experiment without being afraid of going overboard (not that easy with colour, anyway!)

We knotted the napkins in the centre, to create a look that’s organic and unfussy, and find the structured form works really well with the bold colour and graphic patterns.
Simple knot video tutorial · Shop Yellow Weavers napkins


/ 3 Graphic:

Spring’s here—and these bright napkins bring the the freshness of the outdoors onto the table. They're covered in an all-over graphic pattern inspired by golf links.

They’re simple and bold, so we decided to present them simply folded in thirds. The kelly green really amps up the purple of the lilies, and almost glows against the tablecloth—a really interesting combination.

Shop Golf Course napkins


Have a wonderful Easter weekend with your loved ones—whether in person or virtually.Take care and stay safe!

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