Time for a happy weekend!

Hello everyone, weekend time again! I'm very much looking forward to it, we have a lovely wedding to attend (here in Frankfurt, yay!). Sunday is slightly more sombre—F’s uncle recently passed away and we’ve been generously invited by his cousin to come by his parents’ former home to take remembrance objects. The last time I visited, Uncle H showed me photos he’d taken in India in the 50s, from his time as an engineer there. Maybe I’ll be allowed to take a few of those!

What do you have lined up? Here are some interesting bits I collected from around the web this week:

/ Aubergine is such a maligned vegetable and so many recipes just get it wrong! This stir-fry looks amazing though, tempeh instead of pork.

/ The brother-sister design duo LAAL make amazing lighting: this, for example.

/ The bralette is here and it's being embraced by everyone. Best of all, it suits every single body type. 

/ So many people, so many opinions. By the talented Kristina Suvarova.

/ Loving many of Acne's sweatshirts—this one in particular is on my wishlist.

Have a beautiful weekend! x

PS: Don’t forget to stop by the mer.store if you have time on Saturday. We have a DJ playing this Saturday afternoon and some drinks as well…

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