Time for the weekend!


Hello everyone—what a week it's been. For me, just sheer struggle on every level. This was especially interesting and frustrating, coming as it did, on the heels of the last one where I felt like I had endless energy. I find looking at all this with a bit of perspective—watching the mind, as Buddhist teachings out it—helps, because it makes me realise everything will pass and I try to approach the day with grace. But I fail, and often. So I hope to re-set this weekend: we've been invited to dinner Friday night and to a piano concert on Saturday evening, both of which I'm very eagerly looking forward to. What are your plans?

Here's some of what I found interesting around the internet this week:  

/ I am so in love with this pair of flats from UrbanNude—I discovered the brand through a friend and LOVE the architectural aspects of their pieces

/ The Horse Named Hustle is quite a thought-provoking read and echoes a lot of what I've been feeling recently. Hustle is necessarywhen you're starting something new (job, business, family...) but it not very sustainable as status quo: This is an honest and poignant reflection on taking a step back, and re-defining the why and how.

/ These colours make me homesick for India.

/ This renovation of an 1800s house and barn took my breath away. I want to live here!

/ Lily Clark makes beautiful little fountains—I'd love to put one of these on in the evenings and allow myself to be lulled into calm.

Have a beautiful weekend! xx


Image: Vatsala Murthy

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