Time for the weekend!

Hi everyone, what are your plans for the weekend? I had a really lovely week, it was just the right amount of busy and since it also involved packing for our upcoming holiday, it was filled with anticipation! Also coming up this evening is 2nd event at the mer.store, so stop by for some lush vintage Indian beats, an interesting documentary film and an drink.

For the weekend, here are some interesting bits from around the Internet:

/ A one-bedroom luxury salon-style hotel in Tokyo, with inspired interiors, an all-cedar bathtub and an in-house disco!

/ Take a sneak peek into illustrator and designer Sanna Annuka's studio (complete with beautiful cat!)

/ This is my current favourite pen (I've been using it for years now and love the form) but if I were to change, this is what I'd choose.

/ I would take this stunning desk-chair pairing as it is: I've been following the talented ladies behind Estudio Persona for a while now, and love their aesthetic.

/ This salted apricot cobbler would make a wonderful summer dessert — or a treat for the weekend.

Enjoy the weekend! x


Image: Vatsala Murthy

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