Warm weekend vibes coming your way!

Hello everyone, what have you got lined up this weekend? I hope you're taking advantage of the warmth—isn't is so nice to be out in a tee and not freezing? I'm in the store all Saturday and meeting lovely friends for dinner, which I'm really looking forward to... This year like it's in fast forward mode, I can't believe it's almost already June! Here's some interesting reading for your weekend, if you're in the mood!

/ Defeated vs inspired thinking. This is good enough to print out and hang up.

/ This textured apartment in NYC is a private getaway for its jet-setting male ballet dancer owner. Minimal yet cosy, it's full of great ideas.

/ The One-Word Question That Never Goes Out of Style. Very interesting read.

/ Honeydew melon, ginger, peanuts—this salad is all summer. And also just very pretty...

/ Comme si presents elevated socks for women—think amazing materials and great styles. It's founder is so super stylish, she's making completely reconsider socks as accessories.

Enjoy the weekend! x


Image: Vatsala Murthy

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