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We had snow yesterday—pretty whilst it fell, slushy and slippery on the ground! This Sunday we've been invited to sip mulled wine and eat cookies at our friend Ingo's—his apartment sits right over the Christmas market in Frankfurt and so it's doubly fun: watching the action from his warm and cosy living room. What are your plans for the weekend? If you're in the mood, here are some interesting bits I acme across this week:

/ Going slow to go fast: Can slowing down and therefore giving yourself or others more time to prepare get things done faster (and better)?

/ No matter what you are feeling—pain, loneliness, uncertainty—this curry is sure to comfort you."

/ Loving this colour palette. And the texture.

/ I've bookmarked this cookware brand—beautiful, sleek stylish pots and pans made from cast iron.

/ This made me laugh—true words, such a smart young lady.

Enjoy your weekend! x

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