Weekend Inspiration · Link Pack

Autumn's started, it almost feels wintery here, when the sun's not out... Time to bundle up and spread cosiness! There's lots of new on the horizon as well, new projects that I can't wait to share, so it's a busy time, but in a good way! For the upcoming weekend, in case you're in the mood to read:

/ A beautiful home in London, designed to enhance everyday life. Warm, stylish and very much a frame for life.

/ Natasha Janardhan has incredible ideas for eye makeup—I absolutely love this polka dot look.

/ This song is pretty high on my current playlist. Yes, it's the Queen...

/ This cold weather has me craving something comforting, like this tasty rajma (kidney bean) curry. Best eaten with fluffy steamed rice.

/ LOVE this look—the styling, makeup, everything—so uniquely Indian!

/ Eyeing this piece—perfect for a flight, or for laid-back days...

Have a lovely weekend!


Image: Vatsala Murthy

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