Weekend Inspiration · Link Pack

This week has been exciting, filled with lots of learning, connecting and exploring. One thing I try factoring in regularly is learning—setting time aside to watch videos, read material and listen to podcasts solely to learn something new. Many times this slot gets eaten up by something that seems more urgent, but every time I indulge in it, it leaves me feeling excited and charged up. How do you tank up on inspiration and learning?

Here are some standout things I found around the Internet this week:

/ This image presents such a considered, beautiful space: there's so much texture, beauty and heritage here. Love the colour palette too.

/ Emily Henderson always has great practical home decor advice—this article on choosing the right carpet size is invaluable. I read an earlier version years ago and it changed my outlook completely.

/ Swedish cardamom buns are amazing: buttery, chewy and filled with the distinctive sweetness of cardamom. Now you can make them at home!

/ This made me want to pack my bags and go straight off to Morocco and spend a few months making friends and taking in the amazing design there.

/ Love this rug (and all the others this fab company makes!)

Enjoy the weekend!


Image: Vatsala Murthy

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