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A week full of questions, quiet pauses and new ideas—it's been a rollercoaster of so much stuff! I was home alone with our baby cat, F's away on work and I'm not sure what a good cat parent I am. It's a challenge, balancing work and playing with him, maybe a second cat is what we need to keep him company! I'd love to hear any suggestions you might have with regard to cat parenting.

From around the internet, things that moved me, interested me and made me laugh:

/ "Finding shared humanity, even in the harder times, creates a more compassionate art". Lebanese artist Helen Zughaib, on her Syrian Migrant Series.

/ I've always loved the NYT's Modern Love essays—they're now a show on Amazon! Via CupofJo

/ This Indian street snack has become our favourite appetiser when we have guests (use canned chickpeas to be done in 5 minutes!)

/ October light at it's best.

/ RIP Ingo Maurer, industrial designer and poet of light. I've always loved his lighting pieces, and ironically we just bought this and this .

Have a lovely weekend!


Image: Vatsala Murthy

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