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This week's edition is a little late—I'm typing this looking out at a grey, rainy afternoon. Two days of sunshine and gorgeous sunsets make it ok, though, even though my feet are freezing off right now! I'm looking forward to sampling a few films and a traditional dance performance at the Independent Film Festival that starts this evening here in Frankfurt, the lineup looks promising. If you're going, let me know which films you picked!

If you're staying cosy this weekend, here's some reading and inspiration to keep occupied:

This is one of the most common hairstyles worn by women in India—pragmatic, neat and endlessly variable.

/ I recently bought this lovely cookbook and have really enjoyed flipping through it and reading Meera's stories and anecdotes. It's feels like sitting down with her to chat over a cup of chai.

/ Love the moody colours and distressed furnishings in this stunning hotel on the Rhine. Bookmarking it for a weekend getaway!

/ Have I already told you about a little table I'm in love with? The material, the form, everything makes my heart sing—and thankfully, F's too!

/ Five reasons to become a cookbook author—from the lovely author of the great Five Morsels of Love!

Enjoy the weekend!


Image: Vatsala Murthy

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