Weekend Inspiration · Link Pack

A highlight of my week was the photoshootings we had with five vibrant ladies—each so unique and interesting. It was fascinating to watch which products they chose for the shoot, how their personalities transformed each product! I'll be sharing more about each model soon, as well as the images we took, so stay tuned! 

In time for the weekend, here are some interesting finds:

/ Love the texture, space and calm in this room... I could spend an evening here with a glass of wine and a book

/ Have you ever eaten a hot, crispy jalebi? If not, please change that ASAP

/ The product designer Sabine Marcelis' gorgeous home has only ONE interior wall

/ Meera Sodha's recipe for a chunky zucchini chickpea curry looks amazing (bonus: it's vegan!)

/ Love these sneakers (made out of ecological and sustainable materials and don't cost the moon)

Enjoy the weekend!


Image: Vatsala Murthy

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