Weekend Inspiration · Link Pack

A long week is slowly coming to a close: the grey weather has been a bit unrelenting and I'm constantly looking for ways to stay cosy—and appreciate the stray sunrays we get. If you're in the mood for some reading, here are some interesting pieces from around the Internet:

/ A stunning collection of one-of vases by Australian glass artist Amanda Dzeidic. "Glossy and slick, mottled and mystical, these unique, handmade glass sculptures are deliciously satisfying. Inside each organic form, colours seem to swirl and move, revealing new dimensions with each encounter."

/ A series of screen prints of iconic Brutalist architecture—a strong minimal addition to a room.

/ A great reminder, especially when life feels harder and tougher than usual. It ALWAYS pays.

/ "That’s the benefit of saying “no.” No one has to deal with any bullshit." A great short read, and worth saving!

/ We've been cooking and baking from this beautifully produced Japanese cookbook. The recipes are delicious and easy—and the matcha cake F's been baking from it is my favourite at the moment.

Have a lovely weekend! 


Image: Vatsala Murthy

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