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Winter's here—and the last couple of weeks of this year! That feels pretty momentous and I'm going to be doing a bit of reflection over the next few days to review the past few months—will you be doing the same? If you're in the mood, here are some interesting reads and great finds:

/ How small habits can lead to big change (the power of microsteps) — a great (longish) read by Arianne Huffington.

/ The 50% of you you've never met before: an introduction to your microbiome. Quite fascinating, and a great way to learn more about an ecosystem that rules pretty much our entire health and wellbeing.

/ This pumpkin-sage-gruyere pie (with homemade spelt pastry) looks amazing!

/ Would you consider gifting a goat this Christmas? Oxfam Gifts has great ideas for families in poverty around the world—I've already gifted a goat, a safe birth, drinking water, and schoolbooks. It's super easy and gifts start from 12€.

/ Conceived by furniture company Menu, The Audo is a hybrid space that “blurs the lines between home-life and work, uniting design, business and community in one innovative physical space that is alive and under constant renewal. It is simply stunning, and has a 10-room guesthouse at the very top.

Enjoy your weekend! x

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