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Another week's rushing to finish. Its almost the !st Advent, people are already buying Christmas trees—the year feels like it's almost done! This weekend will be cosy, with some reading, a walk or two if the weather holds up and lots of cuddling with a baby cat (though he's not enamored of cuddling with me as before!) If you're in the mood, here are some interesting reads:

/ We are what we choose—the difference between gifts and choices. Jeff Bezos' speech to the Princeton Class of 2010.

/ I recently binge-watched  Netflix's Sex & Love, a fascinating series hosted by CNN's  fantastic Christiane Amanpour tackling big topics around love and sex in 6 capital cities, including New Delhi, Tokyo and Beirut. I absolutely loved it.

/ Butternut squash with a herby yoghurt sauce and crispy onions: definitely try this.

/ I'd give a lot for a Rajasthani thali like one of these—basically a huge buffet compactly presented on a plate. All those flavours and textures!

/ This is a sentiment I'm currently feeling a lot of in the creative community here in Frankfurt. It feels like the best—though not always the easiest—way to be!

Have a beautiful weekend! x

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