Sunny Weekend Vibes

Hello everyone! It's almost the weekend, and I hope its going to be a sunny one. Our balcony is slowly taking shape and since we're having house guests over Easter weekend and my mother shortly after, this is the last chance to get things finished! What are your plans? If you're in the mood, here are some interesting reads:

/ This beautiful DIY wall organizer aims to make everyday life "easier and more poetic"

/ I love this idea of a tiny, intimate wedding and deconstructed reception in the form of a series of dinners with different groups of friends, spread out over a period of time. 

/ This was a though-provoking read: I broke up with her because she's white

/ April is the month of rattan at Ikea: I love this, this and thisfrom the new Tankvard collection.

 / A tiny apartment, with lots of style and many, many creative ideas to steal.

Have a lovely sunny weekend! x

PS: This would make a lovely spring-infused brunch dish!


Image: Vatsala Murthy

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