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My body and spirit haven't yet caught up to this new season. I'm struggling with energy, enthusiasm and not bashing snooze on my alarm every morning. I need to switch my energy state and move into on that's higher and more uplifted! (Note to self: please get started soon) Have you been experiencing similar symptoms? How do you adjust to seasonal shifts, how do they affect you?

I'm looking forward to a quiet weekend, with some reading and cooking — and chatting with a designer about a couple of new furniture pieces for our home, which is exciting! If you're in the mood, here are some very interesting bits I found this week:

/ This image from the upcoming Ace Hotel in Tokyo has stayed in my mind all week: Love the textures, the colours, the combinations. Incredible talent working discreet magic.

/ This is the manicure of the season! I tried out a version yesterday, I'm a fan!

/ Brussel sprouts are here again (yay!)—and for all those who think they don't like them, please try this recipe. They need to get crispy, not mushy!

/ Ingo Maurer is a genius who's been creating playful, innovative, material-led lighting designs for over 50 years. I just ordered this and can't wait for it to arrive!

/ Stylish, unique jewellery made of glass—I own a piece, they're very robust.

Have a beautiful weekend!


Image: Vatsala Murthy

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