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Hello from the end of the last vacay week. I feel like I've fallen into a vortex where I move soooo slowly and time's sort of speeding by. It's been a gorgeous languid time punctuated with jam making (I'm done for a couple of years!), playing with a tiny baby cat, reading, and long evenings with F. We've drunk some amazing French wines (the supermarket here really highlights local produce), visited one vinyard and packed a few favourites to take back with us.

What do you have lined up for your weekend? If you too would like some downtime, here's some reading material from across the net:

/ 10 practical steps on how to write by the incredible and wise Elizabeth Gilbert. If you haven't already read Big Magic, I'd recommend it!
Via swissmiss

/ This buttery soft minimal clutch looks just like my thing. Bookmarked!

/ Great design and social vision: Avasara Academy is a school for the education and development of young women, set against the sloping grass hills and sun-bleached soils of Lavale village, in India. Case Design built the structure keeping with the environment and local materials in mind, creating a  zero-energy building that utilises the earth’s natural resources of wind and sun to heat, cool and power.

/ Some incredible IKEA hacks, by architects and designers, perfect for inspiring your next home improv. Seriously good stuff here.

/ Saee Koranne's posts about food from her suburban  Mumbai apartment make me both hungry and nostalgic. 

Have a beautiful weekend!


Image: Vatsala Murthy

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