About us

Namaste - welcome to the Indian Goods Co. We are inspired by the beauty of the everyday.

In a time where life seems to goes by in a blur, it seems so essential to live and celebrate every day consciously. We believe luxury is having a space that embraces you and objects that speak to you, enhancing your life. We celebrate this through a carefully curated collection of homewares and personal accessories. Chosen for their functionality and individuality, most of our products are handcrafted, rather than mass-manufactured, created with a passion for quality. They wear beautifully with time and their value lies in how integral they become to your life.

The source of our inspiration is India and its incredibly rich arts and crafts heritage. The Indian Goods Co. showcases contemporary designers that have a unique vision for a modern traditionality. They work directly with artisans, in a dialogue that addresses the role of craft in our daily lives and seeks to empower craftspeople beyond previously set boundaries. They question social injustice and re-address it through fair wages and working conditions, bringing economic and social empowerment to marginalised communities as well as creating an initiative to revive customs in danger of dying out.
Our philosophy is to create a more beautiful, authentic everyday: a continuous journey of celebration and transformation. The products and stories featured here reflect that and we would love to share that journey with you.

We would also love to hear your thoughts and opinions, so please get in touch and share them with us!

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