Our Philosophy 


Indian Goods Co. presents original design that combines traditional Indian handicraft with modern functionality. Our intention is to offer objects and rituals that bring joy to everyday moments and help us live better lives.

At the heart of our philosophy is a desire to connect—to bring people and cultures together in a manner that is relevant to contemporary life.


Celebrating tradition

Through our products, we celebrate the unique beauty of Indian handicraft traditions. Crafted by master artisans, each piece involves many hours of work and is the result of expertise passed down from generation to generation. We are committed to honouring these traditions by supporting ethical and dignified working conditions that allow them to flourish.

Long-lasting quality

Our products are made from materials that are high-quality and long-lasting: natural fibres like khadi, cotton and eucalyptus; translucent marbles and sustainably sourced wood; precious metals like gold and silver. They are a joy to touch and use, and are crafted to last a lifetime.


Joy and community

Each of our products has a story to tell: Together, they offer mindful and discerning customers the chance to be part of a joyful, positive movement, within their homes and around the world. We aspire to celebrate creativity, tradition and fairness, whilst building long-lasting bonds with our community.