Our Founder 


Vatsala Murthy is a graphic designer and creative seeker. Born and brought up in India, she currently lives in Frankfurt, Germany.

Her surprise at the clichés surrounding all things Indian led to her creating events offering a more authentic experience of her culture, and eventually to the founding of Indian Goods Co. Through it, she presents a more multi-faceted India, a sum of both the rich traditions of the past, and the creative technology-driven present.

Living each day meaningfully is of importance to Vatsala, and the objects and interiors we spend our hours with are significant to her. She believes they have the power to change the quality of our lives, a belief that shapes every single product Indian Goods Co. offers.

Vatsala enjoys using food to create intimate cultural experiences, which sees her in the role of host at popup dinners at different restaurants in Frankfurt. Our blog presents some of her favourite family recipes and newer food experiments, with a focus on delicious, healthy food inspired by the diversity and incredible flavours of India.

She loves a good conversation, red wine and books, and is terrified of large groups of pigeons and many other things.