Our Story

Indian Goods Co. started life in Vatsala Murthy’s living room in Frankfurt, in 2016. Born and raised in India, she’d moved to Germany in 2006 and was surprised at the cliche-filled representations of India and Indian culture that she found herself surrounded by.

Her answer to this situation of stereotypes was founding Indian Goods Co.: We present a curated collection of signature products from India that are beautiful, functional and modern. Most of our collaborators and makers are female, a fact we're very proud of.

We hope each of our product brings joy to your everyday moments, that they allow you to live that much better and, importantly, more authentically in tune with who you are. We want to bring a spark to both your home and your wardrobe with a collection that encourages you to have less, but very much better. Thank you for stopping by, and for your interest in our philosophy of joy.  



Our Founder

Hi, my name is Vatsala. I’m a graphic designer, seeker, founder and creative director of Indian Goods Co.

I believe the objects and spaces we spend our time with are very significant, that they can help us lead better, more joyful lives. That beautiful, carefully produced products bring great energy into our lives and homes, and this belief guides every single product Indian Goods Co. offers.

I’m also excited and proud to present the India I know and love, a multi-faceted sum of both the rich traditions and a creative, technology-driven present. The energy and colour, entrepreneurship and resilience, the can-do mindset and the sheer beauty. I’m passionate about the fact that our choices can change the world, and it’s an honour to present you with products that do that.


Our Practices

Each of our products celebrates the unique beauty of Indian handicraft traditions, made by master artisans. We’re committed to honouring them by supporting responsible, ethical and dignified working conditions.

Our pieces are made from materials that are high-quality and long-lasting: natural fibres like silk, cotton and eucalyptus; translucent marbles and sustainably sourced wood; precious metals like gold and silver. They are beautiful to touch and use, and are crafted to last many years.

Each of our products has a story, and they offer you, our mindful customer, the chance to be part of a joyful, positive movement, both in your home as well as around the world. We work every day to celebrate creativity, tradition and fairness, and to build long-lasting bonds with our community.