Jaali Napkins - Black - Napkins - Indian Goods Co - 3
Jaali Napkins - Black - Napkins - Indian Goods Co - 3
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Jaali Napkins - Black

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  • Jaali is the Hindi word for screen, a veil or shield between viewer and viewed. This intricate and multi-layered design that consists of two layers of patterns overlaid onto each other encourages exploration and interpretation. Digitally printed onto fine cotton, the vibrancy of the minimal colour palette allows these napkins to be combined with a variety of tableware, both classic and modern. They're versatile enough to go beyond the table and would make excellent pocket squares or neckties. These napkins are sold as a set of two.

  • Set of two, each napkin measures 46 x 46 cm
    100% cotton
    Machine wash at 30 degrees, gentle cycle
    Do not bleach
    Dry in shade
    Iron on reverse, moderate heat
    Can be dry cleaned


I'm drawn to worn out textures and odd forms, things like beautiful subtle reflections and shadows, the perfect balance that exists in nature. Everything has interesting patterns and textures; I love exploring architectural elements and playing with dimension, space and depth.

Bindu Reddy studied interior design in London and, after working on a few projects, realized she was more excited about what filled an interior space rather than working with structural elements. So she started to play around with digital art that she was working on at the time and figured out how to translate that into textile prints. She started to receive positive responses from people around her, which motivated her to set up her brand.


The idea of Binsubu was born out of a special connection I shared with my maternal grandmother; she was an artist herself and had been an incredible creative force in my life. My family and I were losing her to what we understood was dementia - it was a scary time and I desperately wanted her to know how much she had inspired me. This was my way of keeping her memory alive. Binsubu is also an homage to my other incredibly supportive grandparents. They each had a special quality that I admired and I wanted to infuse that into my work. Binsubu incorporates all their names.


Bindu attributes a lot of her inspiration to living in India – she feels it encourages her to embrace random juxtapositions and what may seem like unrelated elements that happen to be sitting side by side - the pairing of craziness is key to what her work stands for.

"Most of the time, my ideas for a pattern start and end in totally different places, I identify elements that I want to draw out from my photographs, translate them into a print, with an idea of the application. Digital printing plays a vital role in my process because I require all the complex layers, textures & colors in my prints to come through."

Bindu loves for her work to evoke a sense of nostalgia, with textures and forms that are oddly familiar and perhaps comforting, ideally drawing people in and giving them a glimpse of an alternate reality, even if briefly.

We wish you all the best Bindu - thank you for your time!